Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Woodgrain, Perspex and zinc print textures for the digital bank

I've been relief printing from oak woodcut panels, fibreboard, etched perspex, etched zinc, and scored zinc today. Simple black intaglio ink applied by roller and printed in our glorious Columbian press, onto heavy cartridge paper. At the point where there was hardly any ink left on the plates, I switched to Bristol board - very smooth paper, which really allowed every remaining mark to show. We also have a fine Albion press, but the Columbian was set up ready to go today - perfect, given my mega busy week. So some 40-50 fine textures will be added to the library over the next week or two. If I'd remembered to add drier to the ink, I'd be able to scan them tomorrow, but alas - my brain is a little overloaded this week! Still.... A very productive morning!


Print textures now available to buy at Nanamee...


  1. I love the fact that the eagle on the top of the Columbian bangs his head on the ceiling, every time the handle is pulled!

  2. Print textures now available to buy at Nanamee...