Monday, 7 May 2012

Digital print texture bank - working on a new website

Due to the unprecedented global interest I've received over the past few months with regard to an online print texture bank, I've decided to go ahead and set up a website to make these textures available (It's a no brainer, really!)

The bank will exclusively contain print based textures hand made and digitized at St Barnabas press, and will include Silk-Screen (Serigraph), Etching, Aquatint, Carborundum, Woodblock, Stone Lithography, and a host of more esoteric processes.

Low resolution (72dpi), mid resolution (150 dpi) and high resolution (300dpi) file versions will be available, as well as native 600dpi 48bit RGB Tiffs, for those who require even greater resolution and flexibility. The original printed material will also be archived, so even higher resolution options will remain available.

I'm hoping to have the site ready to go live by the end of summer. I'd be able to make it available sooner, if I weren't already very busy with other projects. In the mean time - if you need a texture of some sort - an A3 screenprinted panel, or an etching texture for example - you can email me and make a request, no problemo!

Thanks to everyone who's emailed me feedback to the original post on this subject. Please let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to see on the new site, or if you have any opinions and ideas as to pricing or file formats, etc. I'd also like to know specifically how you might use such textures, the techniques and applications you'd use to employ them, and what sort of textures you'd like to see... Comment on this post, or email me, please.

Watch this space for updates.


Print textures now available to buy at Nanamee...


  1. This is really a thing to consider, thank you very much regarding writing about this subject. . !

  2. Thanks - all feedback very gratefully received!

  3. Print textures now available to buy at Nanamee...