Friday, 24 May 2013

New print textures ready for download

There are now 51 different digital print textures available for download - including some freebies - at

They include woodcut textures , etching textures, various relief textures, some more screenprint textures and some miscellaneous print textures.

They're all available in a range of sizes and resolutions up to 600dpi awesome quality

Etching plate example

woodcut example

screenprint example

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Print textures now available to buy...


ROLL UP, ROLL UP!! Print textures now available on Nanamee...

I'm uploading as fast as I can... I'm hoping to get 50 or so textures (screenprints, woodcuts, etching & relief prints) up over the next couple of days, some of which will be FREE.

Check it out!! 

The great thing about Nanamee is that I'm able to upload A4 600dpi images, and you get the choice to download a small file, medium, large Xlarge or XXlarge file, all at suitably low cost. Nanamee is part of You Work For Them, a fantastic font library and resource for graphic designers.

I'm still building my own library site, but with everything else I have going on at the moment, it's a bit of a slow process.

If there's anything you particularly want, but don't see here or on Nanamee, drop me a line. I can probably help...

screen print texture
screen print texture available on Nanamee

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Website progress

I'm not dead! I'm still here, working away on a million things at once. The website has been slow, as I've been involved in some very demanding projects over the past couple of months, including a major restructuring of St Barnabas press (where I have a studio). It IS coming though - don't panic!!!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Shooting Bruce Pearson!

Bruce with a painting made on a yacht in choppy South Georgia seas!
  I spent the morning with venerable wildlife artist Mr Bruce Pearson, shooting the large format images for his incredibly beautiful, upcoming book on Albatrosses. I've been scanning the small and medium sized work on my Heidelberg and Microtek machines for Bruces' publisher, Langford Press. However, there were a handful of paintings too large to fit on any scanner (even our A1 Cruse flat-bed scanner) but which required the best possible level of capture. I have an extensive range of high-end facilities and expertise at my disposal, and can capture ANY type of artwork with an exceedingly high degree of sophistication.

Les Goodey LRPS
We shot Bruce's images using a medium format camera with a 60 megapixel digital back.
Phase One 60 megapixel single-shot camera
 This is around £25,000 worth of camera and lens. It's patched directly to a Mac-Pro and a calibrated monitor so that the images can be instantly checked as we shoot. We can also fire the camera from the Mac (or a cable release), to eliminate camera movement. The resulting digital file is an 11"x17" 600dpi Tiff. Everything is shot with a colour separation guide in the frame so I can carry out any colour balancing back at the press if necessary. The resolution of these digital files far exceeds that required for publishing purposes (commercial offset lithography is 300dpi), but it resolves the very finest colour and tone balance. It also gives Bruce the option to make full size digital prints (giclee) on our 24", 44" and 60" ink-jet printers.

Book jacket oil painting
 We shot 9 images today - 7 large watercolours and 2 oil paintings, most of which exceeded A0 (849mmx1189mm). We have the capacity to shoot artwork of virtually any size, and can shoot on location if necessary. With the camera set up in this instance we can easily shoot work as large as the cream backing board you can see on the blue cabinets.

Bruce mounting a small oil painting

Les setting up the capture software
The lighting rig is as impressive as the camera, resulting in the most wonderful balance of colour and tone.

Medium format rig with 45 megapixel camera
 In addition the photographic equipment at the studio, we have an A1 Cruse scanner - a truly phenomenal piece of equipment which will capture the most incredible level of detail in any piece of artwork - even with a heavy gloss varnish or in a glazed frame, without any glare (what else would you expect from a German high-end machine costing £200,000?). We also have an A2 Zeutschel overhead scanner which makes neat work to 600dpi of virtually anything you put under it.

I'll be back in the studio next Monday to shoot a further 10 pieces of work by a well known Chinese artist which is going to be turned into a series of elaborate editioned woodcuts by James Hill at St Barnabas Press.

If you're interested in finding out more about high-end digital capture, please do drop me a line.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

website progress

scored steel relief print
The website for the print texture bank is coming along slowly but surely... Thank you SO much to those of you who've provided such valuable feedback so far. You'll all be receiving a free selection of high res digital textures for your efforts. Please feel free to drop me a line if there's anything you'd like to see on the site, or have any ideas at all that you think might be relevant  - comment below, or email me...

New Heidelberg scanner

I've just installed a new Heidelberg Nexscan f4200 scanner.... It's a BEAST!!! I have a Microtek 9800xl which is a fantastic machine with an optical resolution of 1600dpi, but this is a different kettle of fish all together! It's as big as a washing machine and weighs about the same too. It has a max optical resolution of 5080dpi and has no mirrors inside to distort the image. These babies are widely regarded as being among the very best flat bed scanners in the world...

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Woodgrain, Perspex and zinc print textures for the digital bank

I've been relief printing from oak woodcut panels, fibreboard, etched perspex, etched zinc, and scored zinc today. Simple black intaglio ink applied by roller and printed in our glorious Columbian press, onto heavy cartridge paper. At the point where there was hardly any ink left on the plates, I switched to Bristol board - very smooth paper, which really allowed every remaining mark to show. We also have a fine Albion press, but the Columbian was set up ready to go today - perfect, given my mega busy week. So some 40-50 fine textures will be added to the library over the next week or two. If I'd remembered to add drier to the ink, I'd be able to scan them tomorrow, but alas - my brain is a little overloaded this week! Still.... A very productive morning!


Print textures now available to buy at Nanamee...

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ryan Air

It's a fine airline service. Quality service. I'm sure it's as safe as houses.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Digital print texture bank - working on a new website

Due to the unprecedented global interest I've received over the past few months with regard to an online print texture bank, I've decided to go ahead and set up a website to make these textures available (It's a no brainer, really!)

The bank will exclusively contain print based textures hand made and digitized at St Barnabas press, and will include Silk-Screen (Serigraph), Etching, Aquatint, Carborundum, Woodblock, Stone Lithography, and a host of more esoteric processes.

Low resolution (72dpi), mid resolution (150 dpi) and high resolution (300dpi) file versions will be available, as well as native 600dpi 48bit RGB Tiffs, for those who require even greater resolution and flexibility. The original printed material will also be archived, so even higher resolution options will remain available.

I'm hoping to have the site ready to go live by the end of summer. I'd be able to make it available sooner, if I weren't already very busy with other projects. In the mean time - if you need a texture of some sort - an A3 screenprinted panel, or an etching texture for example - you can email me and make a request, no problemo!

Thanks to everyone who's emailed me feedback to the original post on this subject. Please let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to see on the new site, or if you have any opinions and ideas as to pricing or file formats, etc. I'd also like to know specifically how you might use such textures, the techniques and applications you'd use to employ them, and what sort of textures you'd like to see... Comment on this post, or email me, please.

Watch this space for updates.


Print textures now available to buy at Nanamee...